Questions you might have

Where will the case competition take place?

On the Campus at the EBS University in Oestrich-Winkel.

What is the theme for the case competition?

Teams from different universities will work on four different cases. There will be an Entrepreneurial or Innovation Case, a Strategy Case, a Finance Case, and a Surprise Case.

Is there a way to get in direct contact with corporates?

There is a great opportunity to network throughout the two days!
Joint lunches and dinners or debriefing on the case studies make the exchange between students and companies almost inevitable.
There will also be timeslots for speed dating with students in a more private setting. Resumes for corporate partners will be available for review in advance.

How much time will competitors have to solve the case?

2.5 hours per case.

Where can I sleep?

We will organise accommodation for you with students - this is free of charge. If someone doesn't want to do that, they can also book a room in a hotel.